Nomination Mandates

Committee, Division and Position Mandate Listing

Document last modified on: February 4, 2016

  Affirm Task Group available
  Archives available
  Budget Forum available
  Children At Conference available
  Communications & Public Relations Division available
  Education & Students available
  Fairfield Museum available
  Finance & Administration Division available
  Grand River Bookstore available
  Incorporated Ministries available
  Interim Ministry available
  Interview Board available
  Learning Fund available
  Ministry Personnel & Education Division available
  Mission Support available
  Nominations available
  Planning, Budget & Support available
  Retiree & Pension Liaison available
  Right Relations available
  Rural & Small Member Churches available
  Settlement available
  Social Justice Division available
  Staff Support available
  Youth and Young Adult Network available
  Youth and Young Adult Representatives to Conference Executive available
  Youth Forum available
  Presbytery Representative to Conference Executive available
  Representatives to General Council Executive available