Board of Vocation

Board of Vocation: London Conference

Assuming the 43rd General Council enacts Remit 3 regarding the Office of Vocation, there will be a need for volunteers for the Board of Vocation, as well as Candidacy board and other committees.

Each Conference has been asked to nominate up to five people by August 15 to a pool of nominees from which the Board of Vocation and its committees will be formed. The London Conference deadline for Expressions of Interest for the Board of Vocation is Wednesday, August 1 so that the Conference Nominations committee has time to review them and submit the London Conference nominees to the General Council Office for consideration.

The General Council nominations process will then select a slate for the Board of Vocation for appointment by the General Council or its Executive. The remaining names from the pool of nominees, presuming they have expressed interest in the Candidacy Boards or other committees, will be given to the Board of Vocation for appointment to the committees of the Board and to the Candidacy Boards.

Attached below are 2 documents that will provide further information about the Board of Vocation: