Available Opportunities

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  1. Right Relations
  2. Interview Board (2)
  3. Education and Students Committee (1)
  4. Young Adult Representative (1)
  5. Youth Representative (1)
  6. Interim Ministry Committee (1)
  7. Archives Committee (1)

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The Nominations Committee meet regularly to consider Expressions of Interest that have been received for these positions.

  1. Right Relations Committee: Clergy, Lay and Youth positions open. Apply now
    A Chair for the Right Relations Committee is required, effective at the rise of Conference. Responsibilities include:
    • To foster, encourage and promote the expansion of right relationships between congregations, Pastoral Charges, Presbyteries and the Conference with Aboriginal persons, congregations and communities within London Conference
    • To provide educational opportunities, a regular flow of information on right relations ...

    Aboriginal, lay and ordained members are required for this committee. These positions are for a three year term, renewable once.


  3. Interview Board: 2 positions open. Apply now
    Lay and ordained members are also required for this committee. Responsibilities include:
    • Assisting presbyteries and other bodies in determining the suitability of people for functioning as ministry personnel in the United Church

    These positions are for a three year term, renewable once.


  5. Education and Students Committee: 1 position open. Apply now
    A Secretary is required for this committee which meet three times per year – September, January and April. This position is for a three year term, renewable once.

  7. Young Adult Representative, on Conference Executive: 1 position open. Apply now
    This position is intended to permit the inclusion of a young adult voice in the decisions that come before the Conference Executive. This position may be for a three year term but is amenable to change depending on circumstances of the applicants.

  9. Youth Representative, on Conference Executive: 1 position open. Apply now
    For those interested in applying for the Youth Representative position the selection is made through Youth Forum, a program for high-school aged youth, held from Thursday, April 6 to Sunday, April 9, 2017 at Pearce-Williams Christian Centre. Save the dates and watch for registrations.

  11. Interim Ministry Committee: 1 position open. Apply now
    A Chair is required for this committee which provides consultation and coordination of Interim Ministry policies and procedures within the Presbyteries of the Conference, and liaison with other Conference Interim Ministry Committees and Division of Ministry Personnel and Education. The Interim Ministry Chair would normally serve a three year term, renewable once and is a member of DMPE.

  13. Archives Committee: 1 position open. Apply now
    A person is needed as a Member-at-Large who has a passion for the historically significant records of the Conference to work together with the Chairperson and other members to advance the work of gathering, sorting and cataloguing material and promoting the best archival practices throughout the Conference. This position is for a three year term, renewable once.

The Mandate for each committee includes a description of the committee, membership of the committee, skills required for the position, expectations and the terms of the position. As well, there may be a closing date included.

The Nomination 'Expression of Interest' should be no longer than 500 words. Submit the expression of interest to the Nominations Committee by the deadline noted, or the bi-yearly deadline.

The 'Expression of Interest' will ask you to identify yourself and how you can be contacted. You will be asked to share a bit about yourself and your involvement in The United Church of Canada. You will be asked why this opportunity interests you and why you feel called to this work. You will be asked what gifts you bring and what you hope to learn from joining the committee. The names and phone numbers of two references will also be required.

The Nominations Committee meets at least twice, before the Annual Meeting of Conference, to discern who is being called to the various vacancies. Nominating yourself does not guarantee a position. The Nominations Committee will strive for a balance of gifts, skills, gender, lay or ministry, and geographic diversity.

Recommendations will be made to the Annual Meeting of Conference in May. Recommendations may also be made to the Conference Executive between Conference Annual Meetings. If you are appointed to a committee, you will be notified and your term will begin at the Rise of Conference or such other time as designated by the Conference Executive.