Archives Committee of London Conference

The Archives Committee is responsible for coordinating and promoting archival and historical activity. The committee encourages consistent professional standards and procedures, and seeks to promote knowledge of and interest in the history of the United Church.

The committee also ensures there is an appropriate depository for records, documents and correspondence of historical value (of Pastoral Charges, Presbyteries, Conference and other organizations) when no longer regularly needed and to provide access to these records.

There are a number of guidelines and forms below which will assist your congregation in proper archival practices. For more information or questions about any of the forms please call or email your Presbytery Archive Representative or click here to email the Chair of the Archives Committee.

United Church of Canada Archives

The United Church of Canada Archives is located at 40 Oak Street (map), in the Toronto Christian Resource Centre and also houses the archives of the five Ontario Conferences, including London Conference.

For more information or questions about documents please call Archivist Erin Greeno at 1-416-644-3140 ext.104 or email Erin.


  • CHAIR: Edward Avey - 519-238-2220 or
  • ALGOMA REP: Bonnie Johnson - 705-649-2410
  • ELGIN REP: John Gould - 519-866-3626 or
  • ESSEX REP: Rosemarie Wolfe - 519-398-8929
  • HURON-PERTH REP: Aveline Wandel - 519-357-2168
  • KENT REP: vacant
  • LAMBTON REP: Nick Monsour - 519-332-5462 -
  • MIDDLESEX REP: Linda Britton - 519-472-6374 -
  • OXFORD REP: Doreen Smith - 519-842-3190 -
  • UCW REP: Eva Archibald - 519-472-0166


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